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• Welcome to IslandWayProducts.com - About Us

Island Way Products is an importer and exporter of gourmet food products from around the world. As joint venture between Island Way and Dynamic Commodities, the Island Way Sorbet Brand began marketing to the Food Service area in 2001 and with its success, expanded into the ever popular retail segment. Since these tasty morsels first appeared 1998, the product has been accepted in the North American, Japanese, and European markets.

From the Indian Ocean's exotic, palm covered islands, Island Way Fruits begin their amazing journey. Over the warm Mozambique currents to the Wild Coast of South Africa, our succulent fruits are transformed. As you savor these hand made delicacies, let your mind wander to a place so relaxed, it can only be the Island Way.

Since sorbet's introduction to Europe by Marco Polo, princes and princesses have indulged in preparing these tantalizing sorbet varieties. Originally made from pure mountain ice infused with fruits and milks, sorbet has become widely known as a refreshing low fat alternative to other naughty desserts. Island Way Sorbet continues this ancient tradition by providing a unique balance between nature, health and taste.

Each individual sorbet has a smooth, luscious flavor that is both refreshing and calorie conscious! Nestled in natural fruit shells, these sorbets contain no preservatives or colorants, maintaining our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The rich, creamy taste and texture will deceive your taste buds into believing they are being mischievous. Natural fruits combined with Island Way Sorbet's well traveled recipes, bring excitement and wonder to any occasion. So come on down to our island and experience the Island Way.

Gladly adding to sorbet's history, we are, Island Way Sorbet.

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Island Way Sorbet, Inc. 2618 Success Dr. Odessa, FL 33556
Phone: 1-888-7-THE-WAY (784-3929)

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